Non-invasive, relaxing way to lose a few inches.  The staff is wonderful.
— DC
My first thoughts were this wasn't going to work since I've tried everything to help lose weight. I didn't lose any weight but I did lose a total of 4 1/2"!  I wish I could have got rid of more fat!
— Linda
I enjoyed the experience and had an amazing outcome. Not only did I lose inches, it was so relaxing. I would recommend it to anyone needing to lose a little stubborn unwanted fat, or just looking to firm up. Thank you Kayla for a great experience and outcome. I lost 4-1/2 inches total.
I had Lipo the first of the year. Still had some problem areas. Decided to give Zerona a try. I'm very pleased with my results. My clothes fit better and I can see that my stomach & hips are smaller. Great experience! Wonder Staff.
I have been going to family chiropractic now for 5 years. I started because I was having lower back problems and a friend recommended trying family chiropractic. After about 6 visits my back pain had all but gone away. I have been on a maintain program of 1 visit per month since then. I feel great now and do what ever I want to do.
I was excited to be back for care with Marilyn's office. The Staff was great and the adjustment was the best. Noticed immediate relief. Thanks so much!
I am very pleased with the improvement I have felt so far. I am thankful I have been introduced to the DRX treatment. I wouldn't have suffered so long before getting help. The staff is wonderful! I look forward to being without pain when I finish my treatment.
I visit Family Chiropractic for medically-needed massages. My massage therapist is highly skilled and the entire staff is very cordial and pleasant. The atmosphere is very relaxing.
For over 25 years, Dr. Everett has kept me upright - and out of a wheelchair, in my opinion. After a car wreck in 1993, which left me with a compression fracture, the spine would go out of alignment regularly, causing other problems/discomforts. This treatment, I believe, has kept me from having more serious health issues. Others at Family Chiropractic have contributed to this well being, as well. Family members have, also, had the benefit of the excellent treatment provided by this knowledgeable and competent staff.
Before the accident, I would visit for issues like a stiff neck (couldn't look to side for oncoming traffic) on occasion. Our family is blessed and grateful to have Family Chiropractic in our community.
Have always been a fan of Family Chiropractic. I didn't come for a while, life just gets in the way sometimes. Finally, made the right decision to come back, it was long time over due. So, glad I made the decision to come back. Suffered since December, but, now, after only a month have seen a 95% improvement. And, the entire staff is wonderful!
I did not like the women that took dr, everette place.. she set me back12 yrs.i cannot eat not my jaws hurts sooooo bad not 1/10 it past 10 it a 20 tttt.what to do. I when to someone else in her office. but it didn't help me all in all it was worst. the only thing I can do is to wait 4 dr. everette and let her work her magic on my I just love dr e is wonderful
Very professional and effective in relieving my disk pain. Courteous staff and service with a smile.
I have had good results from my visits. I am standing up straight and have no problems walking. When I first went I was leaning side ways and I walked all bent over. I hurt all the time and had problems sleeping . Now I have no problems. i go every 6 weeks for adjustments.
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